Thursday, October 27, 2016

Zika Part 4
Vaccine Testing Begins
#CDC Whistleblowers

I know, I know, it’s really time to let this one go and move on, but I just can’t – My Inner Wonk is just too Angry – about $2 billion angry…..

The Zika virus emerged as a globe-circulating virus in 2014, first appearing in French Polynesia. It did, however, make an earlier mini debut on the small islands of Yap in Micronesia in 2007. While it seemed to sweep thru most of the islands', it was a mild disease that, for the most part, cleared in a few days. In fact, as I am wont to point out, it is so mild that only 1 out of 5 people who get it actually notice. However, the CDC did take notice of this 2007 outbreak and since that time has invested $20 million to develop a test to determine if a person has been infected – My Inner Wonk has to wonder - why?

In May of 2015, Brazilian health agencies informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that they were seeing increasing cases of Zika infection in certain parts of Brazil. By October 2015, Brazil notified the WHO that they had noticed an increase in cases of a devastating neurological defect in newborns – microcephaly – babies born with abnormally small heads and other neurological problems. Interestingly, by the time the current “epidemic” began to be hyped in the US press – in early 2016 – over 30 (YES 30!!) companies were already diligently developing better testing for the virus and by March of 2016, 23 projects lead by 14 different companies were underway to develop a vaccine. Also by March of this year, the CDC had reassigned 750 full time employees to the Zika crisis* – poaching people who had been studying tick-borne diseases (aren’t all you Lyme sufferers happy to know that?!). Again, all this for a virus that 80% of  the people who get it don’t usually know they have. And on April 13th, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control - while remaining stubbornly clueless about the causes of autism, POTS, allergies, asthma and all other vaccine injury-induced disease and disability in the US - declared definitively that Zika causes microcephaly and perhaps other serious birth defects. What an interesting unfolding of events…..

In August of this year, Tom Frieden (CDC) and Toni Fauci (NIH) repeatedly and loudly warned the world that the lack of funds from Congress would slow down the development of a Zika vaccine, but lack of funds didn’t stop them from announcing the beginning of human Zika vaccine trials that same month.

Not only does this timeline raise intriguing questions about the tail wagging the dog, the utter lack of logic in the whole process gets my Angry Wonk steaming. This is a mild illness (that 80% thing again!!!) and appears to spread quickly in the right conditions. As with all viruses, once you get it you’ll have lifelong immunity. After the CDC and media fueled panic over West Nile virus, we apparently all got it – mostly without realizing it – and are now all immune. If we really believe that Zika is causing devastating neurological damage to fetuses, wouldn’t it be easier – and more effective – to help women delay pregnancy until after they have had Zika and then go on their merry way with lifelong immunity?

In fact, we can see that very phenomenon playing out in South East Asia. While the media and the CDC are hyping that the next Zika meltdown is going to happen there, the crisis has yet to explode as promised. Turns out that Zika has been circulating silently in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia since the 1960’s (where are the birth defects you might ask?– haven’t shown up) – most everyone there has already had it. This “epidemic” and “crisis” is barely making a peep there. In fact, one very puzzled virologist from University of Malaya, declared in wonder – “It's almost like the people are vaccinated” and that this “natural immunity could stop potential outbreaks”. Well – you don’t say!!

Vaccines, on the other hand, have been proven repeatedly to NOT offer lifelong immunity. Whooping cough circulates every few years in vaccinated populations. As I have written earlier, even the CDC admits the Hep B vaccine only lasts 7 years or so. This year there have been mumps outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations on the Harvard University Campus and in Arkansas. Even in the highly hyped and publicized Disneyland measles outbreak where 110 people got the measles at least 13 of those that got measles had been vaccinated. Another 47 had “undetermined vaccine status” - what does that mean? Once again the CDC is very fuzzy about that. It seems that if you didn't have your vaccine records with you, your vaccine status is labeled "undetermined" - do you know where your vaccine records are?** Only 49 people were proven to be unvaccinated and 12 of those were babies who were too young to get the vaccine, which leaves only 37 people who could have been vaccinated who were proven not to be......  This flu season experts are counselling people to carefully time the administration of their flu shot – too early and it may not provide coverage through the end of the flu season - they don't even expect it to offer protection for a few months!? How can that be worth the toxic mercury delivered with each shot?? Not to mention that the flu vaccine has had abysmal effectiveness numbers over the last several years – even according to the CDC! The flu mist apparently has had NO IMPACT on keeping the flu at bay.

But wait, what about Guillain-Barre syndrome - where the body attacks itself resulting in paralysis that usually reverses itself, but can be permanent or lead to death - that has been linked to the Zika virus, yes? We wouldn’t want to get that would we? Well, of course not, but do you know what also causes Guillain-Barre? Vaccines. Even the CDC acknowledged that the Swine Flu shots given during the 1976 “epidemic” caused at least 500 cases of Guillain-Barre and 25 people died - and the vaccine was only given over a period of a few weeks, before being pulled. In fact, according to this CDC presentation, vaccines are far more likely to cause this autoimmune problem than any known viruses (slide 3). Vaccines can have other, FDA-acknowledged adverse effects (I encourage you to read a vaccine insert). The flu shot given in Europe during the H1N1 “crisis” in 2009 caused more than 1300 cases (!!!!!) of narcolepsy -- a debilitating, incurable, life-long condition. In fact, even the Supreme Court has stated that the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986  was necessary because it  "eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects"  (my emphasis) absolving the Pharmaceutical companies from virtually any and all liability for vaccine injury - let that sink in - the Supreme Court has acknowledged vaccine's unavoidable harm.....

Even if you really, truly believe that vaccines can provide immunity – do you really want to risk vaccine injury for a disease that is incredibly unlikely to harm you? How likely is it that a safe Zika vaccine could be developed? In my previous post I talked about how Zika is very similar to several other viruses like Dengue, West Nile, Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever. Have you been offered a vaccine for any of those? No? No, you have not, because despite the fact that untold resources have been spent in an attempt to develop “safe and effective” vaccines for all of those viruses, the only vaccine out there is for Yellow Fever – and its use is limited because it is deemed too unsafe to use on anything but very targeted populations. Vaccines for all the others have been abandoned.

Nevertheless, the CDC and those 14 companies are slaving away and spending $$$$$$ (your dollars by the way) on a Zika vaccine. Human trials are underway. If you get asked to partake, umm, just say "No."

Next post - the deceitful way the CDC "proved" Zika caused microcephaly.(Yes, sorry, another - I just can't unsee what I have seen - the data is my siren call....) Feel free to share and subscribe.

*The idea of 750 full time employees reassigned to Zika is a little bit of an abstract concept to wrap your head around. To try to give you some context: in the early 1990’s my husband and I worked at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, part of EPA’s headquarters that is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That lab tests all on-road and off-road engines (those categories include: cars, snow mobiles, trains, tractors, trucks, marine engines, lawn mowers, etc. If it's got an engine they test it) sold in America for both emission compliance and fuel economy. They also analyze all fuels, fuel additives and exhaust compounds, including alternative fuels. They set guidelines for states and local governments for vehicle inspection programs. They develop and implement regulations for transportation planning across the entire US – can’t build a road in the US without following their guidelines. They work on policies related to transportation and climate change, among many other topics. How many people did that involve when we were there? About 500 full time EPA employees and a couple hundred contractors. Now, think about 750 people working on one thing – Zika – a nonissue virus that a bunch of the world has already had! Grrrrr – My Angry Wonk is about to blow a gasket!

**In the late 1970's there was a measles outbreak in our part of Missouri - in a highly vaccinated population. Despite the fact that I had had measles as a child (something I remember as a nonissue), I had no "proof" and thus had to be vaccinated along with EVERYONE else in my high school - including my sister. A few years later, when we were in college at Indiana University another measles outbreak occurred - again in a highly vaccinated population. Since we were not given any paperwork at our mass high school vaccination event, we again, did not have "proof" of either having measles or a vaccine. Thus, my sister, husband and myself were all vaccinated AGAIN. Did we get paperwork that time? No. Was it put in our "permanent record"? Nope. If my sister - who did not have measles as a child - had gotten measles in a situation like the outbreak at Disney she would be counted as someone with "undetermined" vaccination status. Her - and my - clear recollection of her vaccinations would be dismissed. The CDC finds things work better for them that way.....

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